About Sarah Gibbins

Hi! My name is Sarah Gibbins. I am so blessed to have a husband and 3 amazing teenage sons that I am so proud of! I also have 2 goldendoodles, who are part of our family. I am a creative at heart and enjoy art, worship, traveling and being outside in nature.

I am passionate about healing and freedom because of my own personal journey. I experienced inner (and physical!) healing as I walked through this process myself. It was life-changing and I knew I wanted to be trained and equipped to help other people. So here I am! I would love to help you connect deeply with Jesus and walk in His healing and freedom. It changes everything! He has an abundant life for you and is the only one who can heal and bring true freedom.

I am confident that God, through his mighty power at work within us, is able to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. (Eph 3:20)

Instead of set fees, we choose to work off of donations to allow everyone to experience help and healing! We do ask that everyone gives something in order to help keep our rates donation based so we can cover our monthly expenses and continue to do what God has called us to do!


  • Certified Therapon** Counselor
  • Trained in Inner Healing Ministry
  • Trained in Temperament Counseling through NCCA
  • Life-Coaching Certification through AACC
  • 10+ years of ministry experience with teens and young adults
  • Licensed Minister

**What does Therapon mean? The word “therapeuo” means to heal and restore. This word is specifically used in the Gospel when Jesus brings healing and restoration.  The foundation of this approach is to identify what you do or don’t believe and then understand how those beliefs affect your relationships, how you see yourself, how you approach life, and how you can step into your calling and purpose.


  • Individual Inner Healing Ministry
  • Counseling (Adult, Young Adults, Teens, Children)
  • Life-Coaching for Teens and Young Adults
  • Temperament Testing
  • Trainings / Speaking engagements

**At this time, I will only be scheduling sessions by appointment only. Please let me know if you would like to schedule by texting 972-521-9479. Thank you!