What to expect


You should expect to encounter Jesus and His heart for you through prayer, scripture, and counsel. You will discover more of who He made you to be, uncover lies you’re believing, bring healing to memories, and understand the power of the gospel and the freedom of forgiveness. Every session is different as you walk through the journey of healing and freedom. Sessions are typically 1.5-2 hours long.

Child (6 and up with exceptions)

Before we meet with your child we will have you fill out an intake form and will schedule a phone consultation. This gives us a chance to talk about your concerns privately and not in front of your child. During a session with a child, the goal is to help them connect their heart to Jesus through prayer, scripture, and counsel to bring healing and help where they need it. The session time is typically no more than an hour and may be shorter depending on what your child needs that day.

***We require and highly recommend parents go on their own journey of healing so they are better equipped to walk with their children in their own journeys. Parents who are on their own journey of healing, and learning how to hear Jesus and walk in their own giftings are better able to walk with their children and grow alongside them as a family. We will equip you to walk with your child as you walk your own journey out! Schedule a session for both of you today!