Sarah’s Testimony

For the last 7 months, I have been in terrible health. I had Covid in December, did OK with the actual Covid but a few weeks later became unable to walk, get up/down without fainting, and had tremors like parkinsons. Just to name a few things. I was diagnosed with POTS in late January. Basically all of my vitals, blood pressure, heart rate, brain function, muscle control, etc were not working and I was basically homebound. I had missed about 3 months of work and was trying to go back but really struggling. 

In my sessions with Shara, I experienced deep, emotional healing. For 7 months, it was like everything had been cut off – I couldn’t hear Jesus and I wasn’t having visions, which I typically had in the night. But in my session with Shara, everything came back and I had VIVID pictures and words with Jesus that healed my deepest places of hurt and set me COMPLETELY FREE from those traumatic wounds, past and present. Afterwards, I wanted to know how to help other people experience this, so I signed up for a training.

During the training, a woman shared a word on her heart for someone struggling with long Covid symptoms…. she described every one of my symptoms… then said that the spiritual reason my senses are shut down is that the enemy wants to limit my areas of gifting and take me out of my ministry but that God can heal it.  I leaned over to Shara and said THAT’S ME and I need y’all to pray for me right now. They prayed for every physical symptom and broke agreements with medical history and fear and diagnoses, etc. All the strength went out of my body at one point and I had a vision of Jesus reaching for me. When I opened my eyes, I felt good but tired and relatively the same. Then over the course of the next hour or so I realized I HAD NO MORE SYMPTOMS. None. Not one. I realized I was COMPLETELY HEALED!!!!!!!

I have been completely FREE since then. No tremors, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, eye trouble, brain glitches, etc. In fact my glasses (which had gone x4 worse in one eye after covid) started giving me problems a few days later and I went back to my old prescription from pre-covid!!!!!

The physical relief was incredible but even greater is that I experienced deep mental/emotional/spiritual healing. This is the part I can’t quantify for people. It has been such a dark journey. But God restored my joy, my pep, my energy for life… it’s like he restored many many years back to me. My boys even say that I look different!! They are quick to tell people that Jesus healed me. I’m so grateful for the testimony they are experiencing first hand. They are speaking with a new assurance of who Jesus is and what HE can do. I feel overwhelmed with His kindness to me and my gratitude for Shara and for the training I received. He orchestrated it all. He met me in my darkest place and healed all of me. Not just my body but my mind and my heart too. It is unbelievable. I cannot ever be the same after experiencing this. 

With thankfulness,                                            


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