Lisa’s Story

I began my inner healing journey after being referred to Shara from a friend who had came to my rescue one night to pray over me when I had severe depression and suicidal thoughts.

I had NO idea what Inner Healing meant but I was desperate to stop feeling the way I had been feeling, knowing it was increasingly getting worse.

My first visit was LONG-poor Shara-but Bless her heart!

I was amazed that Jesus was talking with me during our visit. He answered all my questions. Questions I did not know to ask.

I had previously been to several Freedom type retreats and conferences over the years. None addressed hurts, trauma and spiritual attack like Inner Healing. My visits with Shara for inner healing started an avalanche of chains being broken! Some I didn’t even know I had.

The first thing we did was find out who I needed to forgive. Jesus had a list for me!

Then we went thru and healed some traumatic memories related to physical trauma when I was younger and years of drug addiction in my past. Since Jesus has healed those, I can now talk about those times without feeling shame or crying and can use them to help others overcome.

Jesus also exposed my “core lie” that was embedded by the enemy. It was a lie given at birth to me, a lie telling me I was “unwanted”. I am in my 50’s and recently found out I was adopted and had been lied to my whole life.

With Shara’s help, I was able to see how the enemy reinforced that lie, through my whole life.

I now have the tools to recognize the enemy attacks and I no longer feel Unwanted but “much loved” by Jesus.

I was delivered of many spirits that were attached to me by breaking agreements with them and commanding them to leave. A few of them were depression, suicide, witchcraft, pharmakia (drug addiction). I felt lighter immediately once they were gone.

I have had several visits with Jesus and Shara and I am happy to say that now we focus on current things and my future.

Inner Healing is deliverance, spiritual guidance, teaching you the tools to speak to Jesus and get answers, what to look for in enemy attacks, letting Jesus heal you and show you how much he loves you.

All you need to do is be willing to let go of the past, forgive others, leave your old tools and pick up your new ones and trust in Jesus.


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