Velda’s Story

I started writing a memoir of my life several years ago but had all this trauma and memories from my childhood that surfaced as I started writing. I finished the first half, but the second half has been at a standstill while I have continued to heal.  The Lord gave me a promise to hold onto during this season, that He was going to bring complete wholeness to me. I didn’t know what that would look like, but I trusted the Lord. 

I met Shara after she was recommended to me by Mining the Truth Ministries, an inner healing and deliverance ministry. I was seeking ministry help/counseling for one of my boys but ended up having several of my own sessions with Shara first. In my second session, Jesus showed up in such an amazing way to bring this promised wholeness. 

I still struggled with fragments from a painful memory when I was a small child but wasn’t aware of the level of dissociation I still dealt with. I suffered a great deal of abuse, in a strict religious environment, as a child and have spent many of my adult years recovering and learning how to partner with the Lord in order to heal. I learned not to initiate and pursue a memory in my own strength because I didn’t trust my mind to reveal accurate details of the suppressed memories, but I knew I could trust the leading of the Lord and His Spirit to lead me into the truth. If there was something He wanted to reveal to me that I needed to remember, in order to heal, I knew He would order my steps and lead me there. 

In our session, Jesus led me to this suppressed and painful memory, and Shara was so attentive and in tune with what the Lord was doing and helped me graciously navigate thru it.  As I felt safe to go to the memory, the Lord revealed multiple personalities that I had developed in order to escape reality and disconnect from my identity and person in order to survive the harsh and severe abuse. Jesus ministered to me in such a tender and gentle way that I could strongly sense His own grief and pain for what I had endured as a very small child. This was an extremely tender but powerful moment. For the first time, I could allow Him to meet me and comfort me in that deep place of brokenness, that I had tucked away and removed myself from for so many years. 

There are human philosophies that will promote the idea that in order to receive wholeness and healing you must learn how to connect with your inner self and offers all these mediums and self-help ideas on how to do this. I learned to place my healing into the Lord’s hands and trust Him to bring wholeness in His time and way, and He did not disappoint. Almost every time l pursued healing in my own way and strength, I would get drawn in by some of these occult mediums and philosophies and the fruit never brought about the desired results I was seeking, but Jesus brought me true freedom and wholeness.

For the first time in a long time, I felt complete and whole as a person. I stopped to marvel more at the beauty of the flowers and birds and became more aware of the inner peace and how comfortable I felt in my own skin. I also saw an unlocking of the gifts within. I started to learn how to play piano and release the many different gifts that God has given me. God can do abundantly more than we could ever think or imagine. I would recommend Shara or Sarah to anyone that is willing to meet with Jesus and wants to allow Him to bring healing and freedom from different types of traumas. 

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