Dasha’s Story

I have been seeing Shara for a couple years now. My first session with her was in August of ‘20. I ended up in a place where I knew I needed help. All of my efforts were crumbling and I was feeling hopeless. The first time I went to her I was really scared. But I knew that it was time for me to allow God into my heart and start the healing process. 

My first session with her blew me away. God moved in such a powerful way with my step of obedience. I left that session and I was never the same. I wanted so much more of what I experienced that time. So I went back again and again and again. Jesus met me in my darkest memories and the most painful wounds. He binded them up and healed me. I learned to trust Him more and more as He revealed the lies that have kept me from Him. I have experienced deliverance from so many lies and Spirits! Jesus doesn’t play around when it comes to His children being set free. I have come to Shara completely exhausted, yet I would leave renewed and restored and sometimes ready for a nap at the same time. 

Jesus met with me in such a gentle way. He didn’t push me to go down any roads that I was not ready to go down. In this process of healing, He knows what we need and He is so good to lead us down that path all the while comforting and reassuring us that He is for us. 

In November of 2021, I went to have a session with Shara with an idea of what I wanted to tackle that day. And as I talked with Shara about what was troubling my heart, Jesus moved in such a way that He took me completely off guard. Instead of digging deeper into what bothered me, He revealed to me some very big strongholds in my life, revolving around alcohol and my identity. I am Russian, born and raised until I was adopted at 10 years old by an American family. Up to this point, I have been living my life holding my Russian title high above my head. I was PROUD to be Russian and to be able to drink more than others. It was who I was. It’s what everyone said I should be. My identity became the Russian girl who drinks A LOT! And I did, I drank a lot. And I was proud of it when I was around others who would drink. But in the privacy of my home, I wondered what was so wrong with me, that I could NOT control my intake. Once I started, I could not stop. It created many arguments and divisions between my husband and me. I would drink all of mine, then go get his expensive stuff and drink it too, feeling guilty about it as I did it, but not having the control to stop. There were SERIOUS spirits and strongholds that had me completely bound when I drank. 

Jesus started to reveal that what has happened is that the words people have spoken over me, cursed me. I agreed with this identity of being Russian because I was DESPERATE to fit in, and be wanted and loved and accepted. The more I drank, the heavier my drinking got. Till I was no longer the one in control. 

BUT GOD! He delivered me. He broke the generational chains, He crushed the curses, He broke all the lies. He redeemed me! He cleaned me out. He fought FOR me and ALONGSIDE me. He comforted me and guided me. He never left my side as I spent 30 minutes coughing, burping, gagging over a trash can as these spirits left my body and mind. He SET ME FREE! I had tried SO MANY TIMES to stop drinking. I beat myself up SO HARD about drinking. I hated the person I was after I drank. I hated the inability to live life because I could not move the next day. I hated that what my adoptive parents had said about me in regards to becoming an alcoholic like my Bio parents were coming true. I fought to believe that, but it crept in and it took me down hard. 

BUT GOD! He took it all! He removed every curse, every lie, every chain and incinerated them! He removed the desire for alcohol out of my system. It will be 5 months ( in 8 days) of not a single drink. I have no desire for it. There is no craving for it. I do not miss it! 

I do have to protect myself and not put myself in places or around people who are that same way. My husband can have a drink here and there at our home, and I have no interest in it whatsoever. Jesus did a miracle in me. And I can say that I am completely sober. My child no longer has to see me sick. I no longer hurt my husband with my words and actions that I DO NOT remember the following day. I LOVE that I wake up remembering everything that happened the day and night before. Jesus broke the strongholds that have been in my generational line for YEARS!!!!!!!!!! Both my bio parents as well as a bio brother all died from alcoholism. Jesus saved me from that. And He can save YOU TOO! 

I know it’s scary and you don’t think it will work, BUT GOD is so much more powerful than we can ever imagine or comprehend. He loves you and is waiting, patiently, for you to believe and accept His love too. His love sets us free! His power sets us free! We don’t have to do it on our own. We simply need to give Him the keys to those locked and barred up doors and allow Him to do the cleanup. He’s SO good at cleaning up our messes! I pray this gives you the courage and strength to take that step and allow Jesus to set you free today! 

SO much love! Dasha

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